Teknix Classik

The TEKNIX CLASSIK line delivers the highest standards to engineering, comfort and durability. Featuring a state of the art geared traction machine, which can be housed separately in a machine room, the TENIX CLASSIK is the result of years of research and technological innovation. With stylish interior options and superior engineering, the TEKNIX C L A S S I K o ffe r s e x c e l l e n t v a l u e a n d unmatched riding comfort.

State of the art communication Technology called the Parallel Protocol and high accumulation LSI integrating digital control circuitry which significantly accelerates computer processing, enabling precise control of the traction motor during acceleration and deceleration to reduce noise and vibration.

  • A close loop VVVF inverter for the smoothest ride
  • A wide range of aesthetic options
  • Speeds up to 1.5 Meters/ Second
  • Diverse range of door systems
  • Designated Torque injection through overload Sensor's load detection capability for exact torque output which in turn saves power.
Teknix Classik

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