Roll up those sleeves and get stuck into the job to be done –It's time to see the world from a new perspective.

Because the new Greentek changes everything. It changes the way you work, the way you play, and the way you travel. The choice of materials, the degree of perfection and Exclusivity in the interior surpass expectations. And it is simply in the new Greentek's DNA to shine with technical innovations.

Change is coming your way. You will see it, Sense it and experience it for yourself.

  • Another outstanding feature of the Teknix Greentek is the low headroom height, which adds space for you to use. Also, this elevator requires no machine room. And that's completely hassle free & space saving.
  • The Teknix Greentek traction elevator is an ideal alternative to hydraulic systems, because it uses less energy and emits no odors and minimalistic on the maintenance when compared to Hydraulic Systems.
  • A Look That Provokes Envy. In addition to a stainless steel Inox Finish car, the car interior is available in four different, carefully selected Dual tone Colors to create a fresh look in your elevator system.
  • Teknix is seting new standards: Automatic Rescue evacuation Device is a standard feature of our elevator systems. Even in the event of a power failure, the Teknix Greentek will take you safely to the next floor.
  • The Greentek demonstrates ex traordinary superiority with an highly functional design and highly efficient Performance as well as practical versatility. Seting the benchmark in flexibility, performance and exclusive comfort, the TEKNIX Greentek is designed to propel your dynamic lifestyle with an extraordinary boost.
  • Available with manual doors as well as power operated automatic doors.
  • Features a robust design with technological features.
  • Vast range of aesthetic options to choose from Green riding pla􀁕orm saves energy and expenses.
  • Save up to 40% energy with a microprocessor based control panel offering variable voltage and variable frequency modules.
  • Designated Torque injection through overload Sensor's load detection capability for exact torque output which in turn saves power.

Application Low-Rise

Type MRL

Powered by Gearless Traction Machine

Capacity: 408kgs- 1632kgs( 6p- 24p)

Speed: 1.00m/s – 2.0m/s

Landings: 2 to 12

Machine Room-Less: Performance in a new or existing building Hoistway. Teknix greentek delivers pure traction Machine Room-Less Performance to low-rise buildings.

No oil

No hole drilling

Uses 70% less energy than hydraulic applications

Minimal building interface

Direct Landing System


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