Greentek Ultima

TEKNIX GREENTEK ULTIMA is a class-leading product giving the finest unparalleled precision and technology to suite your custom needs. Teknix Greentek Ultima comes with a state of the art, gearless traction machine which can be installed without the machine room. We design products keeping high margins on safety and maximum durability.

Teknix Greentek Ultima comes with the latest Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor technology to reduce the capacity of the motor and other electrical equipment, resulting in substantial savings in energy costs. With this technology adopted, it provides a quiet and comfortable ride.

Luxury just doesn't happen by luck, there is no secret recipe, it simply requires painstaking labor and meticulous a􀁁ention to detail and ensure every inch of the Greentek Ultima reflects the utmost in sublime comfort. A wealth of stunning interior options awaits you, all designed to inspire confidence while complementing the spacious cabin.

  • Teknix Greentek Ultima is Equipped with high accumulation LSI integrating digital control circuitry which significantly increases the speed of the computer processing, enabling precise control of the traction motor during acceleration, deceleration noise, vibration a n d m o r e o v e r w o r k s o n t h e l a t e s t communication technology called the Parallel Protocol
  • Another outstanding feature of the Teknix Greentek Ultima is the low headroom height, which adds space for you to use. Also, this elevator requires no machine room. And that's completely hassle free & space saving.
  • A Look That Provokes Envy. In addition to a stainless steel Inox Finish car, the car interior are also available in carefully selected Stainless Steel Finishes and Dual Tone powder painted finishes to give a subtle look to the elevator cabin
  • Teknix is seting new standards: Automatic Rescue Evacuation Device is a standard feature of our elevator systems. Even in the event of a power failure, the Teknix Greentek Ultima will take you safely to the next floor and Standard Manual Rescue Option which makes Emergency evacuation a simple process.
  • Designated Torque injection through overload Sensor's load detection capability for exact torque output which in turn saves power.
Greentek Ultima

Application Low-Rise - Mid-Rise


Powered by Gearless Traction Machine

Capacity: 408kgs- 2720( 6p- 40p)

Speed: 1.00m/s – 2.75m/s

Landings: 2 to 30

Machine Room-Less: Less/ Mini Machine Room

Performance in a new or existing Building

No oil

No hole drilling

Uses 70% less energy than hydraulic applications

Minimal building interface

Direct Landing System

Destination Dispatch System as Optional Feature


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