Teknix Ultima+

Vision is the cornerstone of good design and at the core of fearless innovation. The allnew Teknix is proof of that, combining superior materials with meticulously cra􀀤ed technology.

The interior is transformed into an e n v i r o n m e n t o f s o p h i s ti c a ti o n a n d authenticity featuring premium materials thoroughly cra􀀤ed with masterful technique resulting in superior finish in every detail. In one word Ultima+ is engineered for excellence..

  • Double layer Sound Proof Car wall Structure: Designed for high speed elevator, effectively isolates the noise between the cabin and hoist way to create a quiet space.
  • Dual Direction Air Guide Device: To Guide Flow correctly, Reduce the air resistance, and effectively restrain noise and vibration caused by air pressure to make the operation of the elevator stable and comfortable.
  • Multi Dimension Independent damping system: To suppress the horizontal, vertical vibration during the running of the elevator.
  • Te k n i x U l ti m a + c o n fi g r a t e s t h e protection device of double safety gears structure, the brake pads use nitrogen silicon compound material which has high heat resistance and high wear resistance, to ensure the realization of safe breaking.
  • Teknix ultima+ adapts multi compound noise reducing roller guide shoes made o f m a c r o m o l e c u l a r p o l y m e r p o l y u ret h a n e w h i c h p o s s e s s t h e superiority of anti-high frequency vibrations and strong wear resistance.

Application High-Rise

Type Machine Room

Powered by Gearless Traction Machine

Capacity: 1000-1600kgs

Speed: 3.5m/s – 8.00m/s

Landings: 31-95 (125m-380m)

No oil

No hole drilling

Uses 70% less energy than hydraulic applications

Minimal building interface

Direct Landing System

Destination Dispatch System as Optional Feature


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